Posted by: Tim Moore | February 6, 2008

Another social network –


Will this one reach the adult orieneted market and be successful? (“adult” = no one under 18 allowed)

Some nice features: You can integrate a store for $4 a month, no commission, PayPal and Google Checkout accepted.   

Moli has other revenue models as well, which is more than MySpace and Facebook thought of when they launched, and they’re still struggling to find good ones. At Moli, the first profile URL is free, and each additional one—you know, the ones for the secret yous—are $1.99 per month. Don’t want to be bothered by advertising? An ad-free experience is available for $2.49 per month.

Moli appears to have what it takes to be up-to-date: Ajax, blogs, message boards, RSS feeds, video players, audio players, games, media slideshows, and even event calendars. Additionally, it has an in-house publishing staff and video crew that create content for the site as well as ads for advertisers. The video crew produces video profiles of interesting Moli members.  In other words, this is one pretty complete social network whose principals have paid pretty close attention to the woes of MySpace and Facebook.   Overall: Moli may do pretty well out there. 

Have you tried it?  Any feedback on it?


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