Posted by: Tim Moore | February 6, 2008

Urchin Analytics Software From Google Now Available in Beta

Urchin from Google 

Google has announced that the Urchin Software is now in public beta and can be downloaded at

Google says the software is similar to Google Analytics but you install and manage the software on your own servers. The company says the beta software “should only be used for evaluation purposes,” and it is not recommended for production environment.

Urchin can be used by businesses that have content behind a security firewall or that have restrictions that will not allow them to use Google Analytics. The software can also be used to do ad-hoc historical log processing for those that want to store their Web analytics on local servers.

According to the Google Analytics Blog the upgrades include:
More accurate geo-identification of visitors
Cross-segmentation options similar to Google Analytics
Ecommerce and campaign tracking
Improved embedded scheduler to more easily manage processing and re-processing jobs
Improved user interface
More robust log processing engine

A 90-day version is available for download. When the software moves out of beta it will be available for $2,995.

This seems a little pricey for the average SEO/IM to cover.  What do you think?


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