Posted by: Tim Moore | March 4, 2008

Posting on Red VW Bus!!!!


 Hi Everyone – I have been ‘persuaded’ to become a chief editor for the exploding blog , so effective immediatley, I will be posting differnet items on each blog, so check them both out.  ImpactIM is all me, so any technology alerts that are SEM related (Blended and Local, or just downright cool stuff) that I come across I’ll immediatley post here.  Things that are more full service SEO I’ll post on redV-Dubb”.    This site is owned by and I really dig what they are doing in the ‘white hat’ arena for SEO/SEM, it’s a privilege to be associated with them.  (BTW: I got twittered today that Matt Cutts cautions all those practicing ‘black hat’ methods, that all these ‘hacking tricks’ Google will be exposing and done and gone later this year).


Thanks for your continued support!! Please take a minute and bookmark me now at www.redvwbus.comFYI: All on my blogroll (I appreciate your support and comments), no worries, I have already linked each of you over there to redV-Dubb” .  Please check me out there too?!?!



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